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Coolant Special-$50.95-Offering Coolant Flushings, Belt Checks, Pressure Checks on Your Cooling System & Hoses, and Coolant Refills with up to 2 Gallons of Antifreeze (Excluding Diesels), Auto Repair in Hamilton, NJ

Auto Repair in Hamilton, New Jersey

Engine Diagnostics

When your "check engine" light comes on, that means that it is time to run engine diagnostics. While many people ignore this light, that is not the best approach. Before a problem gets out of hand, come see the professionals at Walt's Place Complete Auto Repair.

Timing Belts, Cylinder, and Suspension Work

Count on our professionals for timing belt replacement, cylinder work, and professional suspension work. Our services will extend the life of your vehicle, and keep you and your family safe.
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About Us

At Walt's Place Complete Auto Repair of Hamilton, New Jersey, you can count on our experience and professionalism to provide quality auto repair for just about any vehicle you can bring us.

Professional Repair

Walt's Place Complete Auto Repair offers complete repairs for every system in your vehicle, such as electrical, engine repairs, shock work, exhaust systems, and suspensions. Of course, we can also help you discover what is hiding behind your "check engine" light and tackle any repair for any vehicle, both foreign and domestic.

Offering fair, honest, and reliable service, we will even save the part and show you what was wrong so that you know you got the service you actually needed. All recommended car service is available, including service intervals of 10,000 to 20,000 miles, and general maintenance. Our complete auto repair services include brake repair, oil changes, coolant systems, engine repair, and exhaust systems.