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Engine Diagnostics in Hamilton, New Jersey

Engine diagnostics are an important part of accurate repairs, and Walt's Place Complete Auto Repair provides full-service diagnostics and repair in Hamilton, New Jersey.

The Check Engine Light

Many people simply overlook this light unless they can tell there is something wrong, defeating the purpose of the warning. Whether it says "Service Engine Soon" or "Check Engine," this light was designed as a warning that there is something wrong that you can't hear, see, smell, or touch. Whether you think your car needs service or not, your car's sensors are telling you that it does.

Walt's Place Complete Auto Repair is equipped to provide professional engine diagnostics and, if necessary, full-service auto repair when your light comes on. We carry a variety of diagnostic equipment, ensuring we have the right diagnostic machine for your car. These machines include Snap-On™ Modis (for Chryslers™), the Baum Scanner™ (for foreign cars), GM™ Tech 2, and Ford™ Star tester. We will scan the car for the code and run a diagnostics check to repair the fault.

The initial scan is just $50, and there may be a diagnostics charge, depending on the code.
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