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Timing Belts, Cylinder Work, and Suspension Work in Hamilton, New Jersey

At Walt's Place Complete Auto Repair of Hamilton, New Jersey, we offer a variety of services, including timing belt replacement, cylinder work, and suspension work.

Timing Belts

Timing belts need to be replaced at certain intervals in order to maintain your vehicle and extend its life. Most manufacturers suggest replacing them at 60,000, 80,000, 100,000, or 125,000 miles to ensure your car lasts. At our local auto repair shop, you can count on fast, quality replacement.

Cylinder Work

Cylinder work can improve the life and power of your engine. Our cylinder work includes machining and replacing valves, and resurfacing cylinder heads, as well as head gasket replacement.
Red Classic Car, Timing Belts in Hamilton, NJ

Suspension Work

You can count on the professionals at Walt's Place Complete Auto Repair to
offer complete suspension work, including:
• Struts
• Shocks
• Ball Joints
• Bushings
• Ball Joints
• Coil Springs
• Drive Shafts
• Rear End Work
• Tie Rods and Ends
• Wheel Alignments


Our professional technicians will look for anything that's loose or making noise in your suspension to accurately diagnose the problem.

Sounds are checked and double-checked so that we can make sure that the issue is handled, especially in cases of modern vehicles that use Teflon™ ball sockets that cannot be greased.
Schedule an estimate today for quality timing belt replacement, cylinder work, and suspension work in Hamilton, New Jersey.